Welcome to Village Candy

We invite you to stroll into Village Candy, and take a step back in time.

You'll find all your childhood favorite candies and pops, some that, when you see them, reawaken long-ago memories of a happy time in your past. Village Candy is a virtual museum of sweet tastes and bygone values, but updated with fresh product, clean and tempting displays and friendly service. If your sweet tooth yearns for something that you love or loved, there's an excellent chance we stock it. And if all you've ever experienced is what masquerades today as candy variety, you'll be astounded. We have novelties, gummies, sours and sweets that you've never laid eyes on before. You won't believe your senses, especially your tastebuds!

And we are SO not like all the other web guys! In those other "big box webstores" you're forced to buy a case of this, a box of that or a tub of the other. At Village Candy, you select individual items (wow, what a concept), gather them up in your shopping basket, and then take them to the checkout. Just like in that candy store from your memory! Amazing - you get to buy just what you want! Village Candy is the candy store that used to be right down the street - you can stop in any time, pick just as much or as little of what you want, and nothing more. And we'll even deliver!


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